PANASONIC 3D LED LCD TV Full HD 47inch – Smart Viera Model TH-L47WT50A

Panasonic 3D LED LCD TV / 47″ / Full HD / Clear Panel Pro / Wi Fi Smart Viera TH-L47WT50A

Why Panasonic?

It’s not just the smart high definition image, the remote Google TV control, number and range of sockets such as HDMI and USB have played an equal part in my selection.

Resolution Versus Screen Size:

Most LED/LCD TVs on the market today ( December 2012 ) suffer from significant resolution distortion once they move from 47 inch up to 55 inch. I originally shopped for a 55 inch 3D HD LED but settled for a 47 inch TV due to the much sharper image quality. Good 55 inch plus TV’s do exist but they come at a cost, well outside of my humble budget.

Panasonic Remote Control and Touch Pad:

HDMI CEC – Consumer Electronics Control, for me this is an important feature in the selection and why I ultimately moved from less expensive brands to a Panasonic. The CEC allows the one remote to manage all the devices connected via HDMI – such as Blu-ray Disc players, PVR, Home Theatre, etc

The remote control is one of the best I have come across to date, Fast change between channels and most modalities, the flick back and forth has very little lag time. Please note that the native Internet built into the TV takes about 30 seconds to load up, but switches back to TV and other modes in an instant. Having both a conventional remote control and a touch pad included in the price/package is a real bonus.

Less Expensive Models and Buying Online:

Always view the product prior to buying online or you may be disappointed. Poor resolution and coarse screen pixelation are a common problem with some less expensive brands and models, something that can only be detected by a personal appraisal. Flat panel units with poor resolution and large blocky pixels should to be avoided at all costs.

Lesser Known Brands I Considered:



NUOVO – Good value for money ( Supermarket – Smaller sizes only )

KOGAN – Unable to view a working model.

Other Popular Brands Worth Considering:


Why I Chose to Purchase Online:

Quicker, cheaper, and in the case of BBB, free delivery.

My original intention was to purchase locally but that has its draw backs – the main being that I usually end up walking out the door with something different than I had original intended.


The crystal clear image for both free to air and PC image via HDMI is nothing short of amazing ( Clearly this is dependent on the source being in HD ). Internet Programs such as Google Earth take on a whole new dimension when viewed on this Panasonic 47 inch screen.

4 HDMI and 2 USB ports come in very handy, if you plug a keyboard into the USB plug you will find that it works when in internet mode.


Recording with a catch – The one touch recording will only play back on the specific Panasonic TV recorded from. I suspect that this can easily be overcome by adding a separate PVR BOX, but a little bit annoying to say the least.

Native & Extended Warranties:

It Important to check as many warranty details before purchasing, questionable product insurers do exist, I have been caught out twice now, both connected to large well known international brands and retailers, I eventually settled both claims but the situation was annoying and the warranty covering one TV took the best part of 6 months to resolve.

The Overall Experience, Product, Vendor, Shipping – Australia

The Panasonic TV:

Outstanding – 4.5 out of 5 stars

Way better than I has expected, very much a pleasant surprise. I have subtracted half a star due to the restrictive recording issue. I suspect that other well known brands will soon have similar recording policies if not already, these are designed to protect movie ownership rights. The remote control and touch pad are real winners with performance, well above all expectations.

The Vendor:

This is my first purchase with Big Brown Box (Australia), which also included free delivery. the experience was nothing short of first class.

Big Brown Box – 5 out of 5 Stars -highly professional, could not fault them.


Delivery is supplied free of charge with “Allied Express” (Australia) and their local country transport contractor “Toll.” Delivered one day ahead of schedule to the “appropriate room in the house ” Good friendly service – Top marks, 5 Stars, highly professional, could not fault them.


Very happy – Nothing short of a first class experience.

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